CUBASE ... (me likey)

Upon This Rock ©

Some old files from the Alesis ADAT machine ...

Memory Vendor © this one edited by my Bro in CUBASE (thnx J) ...

The source file may have been the TEAC 144 Portastudio @ 3.75 ips hence the tape hiss ...

"... and never we meet again

... no time no other place"


"MEMORY VENDOR just as light begins to fade ...

STRIKES life in us

and the notes that sing us written

in starlight skies appear

and the stars that dance us dance

in starlight skies again

and never wonder are we dreaming

LOVE alive again

LOVE alive again

LOVE alive again ..."

If memory serves ... this was done in 98 using Cakewalk ...

I have no idea © ???


Access Testfile

VSVB Testfile


This is a test php page.


Hey there ... YO! ... Greetings ... Asta la Pasta ...

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